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Emsculpt Neo NYC

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What is the EMsculpt Neo?

Emsculpt Neo in New York

Emsculpt Neo is considered a breakthrough in non-invasive body shaping. This revolutionary procedure simultaneously delivers heat and magnetic energy resulting in more fat reduction and more muscle growth compared to any single gold standard product.

This revolutionary new body sculpting treatment is the only one of its kind: a two-in-one package with radio frequency to melt fat and HIFEM to stimulate muscle activity and growth.

In only 30 minutes, you can achieve the same workout performance as several HIIT workouts. And target specific body parts where you want noticeable results.

About Emsculpt NEO

What happens during treatment?

Emsculpt Neo is the world´s first and only technology that uses Radiofrequency and HIFEM+ (high intensity focused electromagnetic field) to eliminate fat and build muscles non-invasively.

You will lay on a comfy table and the EMSculpt Neo device gets strapped to your body using a comfortable strap. It will feel snug but not too tight. 

Once the device is turned on, you’ll feel two distinct feelings. The first will be the muscle contractions from the HIFEM. This is contracting your muscles rapidly and you’ll feel like the muscles are working hard. The second feeling is a warmth where the Neo is attached to you. This will be similar to a hot stone massage. This stimulates fat burning.

Look at The Results

EMSculpt Neo® Before and After Treatment

butt before butt after


thighbefore (1) thigh after


abbefore (1) abafter (1)


What areas of the body can be treated with EMSculpt Neo®?

Dr. Doug Willen and Willen Wellness are so excited to be able to offer a full-body approach for EMSculpt Neo treatment options. Utilizing both large and small applicators, we can treat many major body parts that clients want treatment.

The large applicators can be used for the abdomen and buttocks. The small applicators can be used for the biceps, triceps, calves, thighs and quads. Each session is 30 minutes long and we can double up large and small applicators on one session. 

How long is the downtime? When can I return to normal activity and exercise?

There is absolutely no downtime when using the EMSculpt Neo®. Patients can return to normal daily activities immediately. The treatments are targeted toward specific muscle groups, so moderate exercise can resume almost immediately also. We recommend not working the same muscles that were just treated for at least 24 hours, but all other muscle groups can resume training immediately. 

Results from the Neo can be enhanced with proper nutrition and a solid exercise program. We highly encourage both. 

nyc emscupt neo
emsculpt neo nyc results

Does EMScuplt Neo® Hurt?

No, the EMSsculpt Neo device will not hurt. The radio frequency will feel warm like a hot stone massage and the HIFEM will feel like an intense workout. Your muscle could feel sore afterward (similar to a hard workout), but that is the only pain you could feel. If the device would ever feel uncomfortable, we can immediately pause the machine. 

How fast can I see results?

Many patients feel noticeable results after their first treatment with EMSculpt Neo®. They feel stronger and tighter. For the muscle building portion, most clients see results 2-4 weeks after their final treatment with continued improvement several weeks later. 

For fat loss, the results can take up to 12 weeks as your body “flushes out” the unwanted fat cells from your system. That’s why we always schedule a 12 week follow up session to show you the results.

emsculpt neo buttocks results
abs results emsculpt neo new york

How many EMSculpt Neo® sessions will I need to see results?

This will depend on your body goals, and we will customize the perfect plan for you during your complimentary body contouring consultation. If fat loss is your only objective, you might be able to have 1-2 treatment packages of 4-sessions each. If you goal is the build muscle, the EMScuplt Neo process can continue indefinitely until you reach your goal.

How do I maintain results with the EMSculpt Neo treatment?

If you are EMSculpting to build lean muscle, think of it just like the gym. Continuous maintenance is a must to get the results you want. If you want to keep the tone and definition in your muscles, we recommend going beyond the first 4-session package offered. Thankfully, the radio wave technology makes the fat loss aspect of EMScupt Neo permanent. It may only take 4 sessions to fully realize your fat loss goal.

Is the EMSculpt Neo® Safe?

Yes, the radio frequency and electromagnetic energy coming from the EMScupt Neo are completely safe for humans. You can see the research from the National Cancer Institute here discussing the differences in high intensity vs low intensity waves. EMSculpt uses only low intensity waves which are deemed safe. 

The Neo is FDA approved for all patients without metal plates or copper IUDs near their abdomen. The Neo has also undergone 7 clinical trials with more than 30 scientific publications available. Feel free to contact us to learn more or to discuss any concerns you might have. 

Who is a good candidate?

A good candidate for EMScupt Neo® is a person that is relatively healthy and active already. They are seeking results beyond what they are able to achieve with workouts and quality eating already. 

The Neo@ is designed to be used by people with a body mass index (BMI) of 35 or less. This is an improvement on the original EMScuplt that could only handle BMIs up to 30.

Results For Stomach & Abdomen

Results For Buttocks

What's the difference between Coolsculpting and EMSculpt Neo®?

This is a very common question we receive. Coolsculpting is a process that freezes unwanted fat cells in the body. Then, over the next 4-6 weeks, the body attempts to remove the frozen fat cells to provide the results desired. EMScupt Neo® works completely differently.

The Neo® is a treatment that build lean muscle and destroys fat cells in 30 minute treatment sessions. The HIFEM stimulate muscles to contract thousands of times while the radio frequency attacks the fat cells membrane to destroy them. It is completely unique process and unique device.

What's the difference between EMSculpt and EMSculpt Neo®?

The original EMSculpt device was a revolution in the ability to shape a body without invasive surgery. It leveraged the same HIFEM technology to help naturally build lean muscle in clients which could also assist in burning small amounts of fat.

The EMSculpt Neo device is a complete upgrade to the original. The Neo device now incorporates RF (radio frequency) technology to target fat cells. The RF waves destroy fat cells lining which helps your body naturally pass them through the digestive track. And with an additional upgrade on the HIFEM technology, the EMSculpt Neo now provides even more muscle building than the original device. 

How Should Clients Prepare For EMSculpt Neo Treatments?

You can dress comfortably when having EMSculpt Neo sessions in Manhattan or NYC. The entire experience with our treatment package is designed to be a fun experience as we improve your look, tighten your skin, perform fat removal on your body and build muscle to look better. 

The EMSculpt Neo device has pads that will be attached to your bare skin. This is essential for the RF technology to penetrate your skin and allow for the fat burning process. If you have nipple piercings, belly button piercings, or private part piercings, we ask that you remove those before your treatment. These metal objects can sometimes get hot during the RF process and could potentially burn your skin. 

When you arrive, we will ask you to remove all electronic devices from your pockets. This is for their protection. And if you’re wearing a belt with a metal buckle, that will get removed too. 

Otherwise, the process for EMSculpt Neo is simple. You will either be seated or laying down for your treatments. In New York, we know that time is precious so our goal is to get you out within 40 minutes of arrival.

EMSculpt Neo Results For Abs

emsculpt abs for men results

Results for Women's Stomach

Does EMSculpt Neo® Tighten Skin?

Yes, the EMSculpt Neo® device has been shown to tighten skin while melting fat away. It cannot remove excess skin if you are carrying extra skin from being overweight. The EMSculpt Neo device can stimulate your body’s natural collagen production which can lead to improved skin appearance and tightness. 

What can I expect after one treatment?

The biggest takeaway for many clients is muscle soreness and fatigue. This is relatively common for people after their first EMSculpt Neo treatment. The muscles just went through a rigorous workout and often many clients exercise less than they’d like. We highly recommend rest for 24-48 hours after your first body sculpting treatment with Dr. Willen. You will feel it so take time to rest and recover!

What Clients Say about Dr. Willen for Body Sculpting & Wellness

“My experience has been amazing. Ever since I started seeing doctor Willlen for my full body adjustments, I’ve seen the difference in my body…”  – Cindy T.

“I was lucky to find Dr. Doug Willen! Coming from Europe, I have been experiencing a SUPERIOR treatment from a professional who has a vast depth of knowledge, long experience, who is always keeping an ongoing communication and rapport with me during the treatments and beyond so I am assured to get the best treatment every time. Dr. Doug is very focus in his treatments with me and I feel he sense well how far my body can take. I feel that I am 150% taking cared and feel safe. I clearly see the improvement and progress I do after every treatment and I know I am to be fully recovered very soon. Thank you for the amazing treatments and the care you and your office team share and give. I warmly recommend him to anyone who is seriously seeking help!”  – Dr. Hadi S.

Dr Doug is awesome. He’s incredibly talented, very kind, and makes going to doctor like a visit with an old friend. He explains everything in great detail, which is super reassuring. And the results are noticeable, even after one visit.” – R. Lechug

First, the office feels like coming home to a close friend’s cozy apartment. Next, the staff is kind, professional, and personable. Finally, Dr. Doug is wonderful at his work in all facets. He approaches each patient and their treatment with individuality and respect. He is passionate about his work and deserves a medal for it! I have been going regularly for close to a year now and feel so much better…” – Bryna A.

Dr. Doug is wonderful. I have been seeing him for years. His office is lovely and his staff is always personable. Not only is Dr. Doug highly skilled in what he does, it is evident that he is passionate about his practice and really cares about his patients and their well-being. I always feel better after a visit with Dr. Doug.” – Sylvia R. 

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